Classic Car Barn Finds - The Holy grail ?

21 April, 2020

This must be the holy grail of Barn finds, 

I’d known about a mysterious Jaguar XK150 in a local barn for some time, and assumed it was another urban myth, like so many other fantastic cars that someone’s mate knows about, however on this occasion it turned out to be true. 

The final hunt started when I was at my local shop getting some milk, I overheard a conversation with the customer in front, she was telling the cashier that her friend was looking to sell an old jag that was tucked away in a Barn.

Obviously, I asked the question “ Where is the Farm?” 

To my surprise, It was no more than 5 miles from my house, needless to say, I rushed over and knocked on the door and politely asked if indeed there was a classic car for sale. 
Yes, was the reply, although someone else was in the frame. As I was there I asked if I could have a look, We walked over to a small barn, levered the doors open and there it was, to my surprise a Jaguar XK150 DROP HEAD COUPE!
It was under a tailor-made cover, clearly not having been run for some time, but I immediately knew I had to find a way of securing the car and it turned out the other person interested in the car was, shall we say “ mean on their valuation” I pointed this out and made a substantially larger offer and was delighted to hear they would give both offers consideration as it was more about who they sold the car to rather than the money raised.

Hopefully, they’d seen the sheer joy on my face when the barn doors opened!
At Classic CarBuyer UK we don’t offer a pushy buy it now policy, so I left a card and went on my way, obviously with fingers crossed I’d be getting a call, by this time it was set in my mind, it would be a lovely car to keep if it were to materialise,

Several weeks went by before the call came in with the words, "Hi David we’d love to take your offer", WOW!, fantastic news, arrangements were made and we collected the car.

Once back at Classic Car Buyer HQ we set about recommissioning.
Normal requirements were undertaken which included: new Fuel lines, thorough cleaning of the fuel tank, new fuel pump, plugs and points, and of course a battery, like every petrol engine in the world, all they want to do is run, and that’s exactly what this old Jaguar did, almost immediately.

Once running the real work starts, new brakes where needed, also the brake hoses, we also needed to install a new radiator, we used an alloy high-performance one supplied by fantastic quality and looked exactly the same as the original,