Please scroll down to see a list of classic cars I’m looking for, (there is a form at the bottom of this page) It’s not exhaustive so even if your car is not mentioned there’s a good chance I’ll find a home for it, please fill in the form with as much detail as possible or give me a call, as I’m looking for cars in ANY condition from field finds to lovely examples so if you have a vehicle you’re looking to sell, or for a friend or relative this is the place you are looking for.
Many thanks, Dave Day.



A/C Cobra
A/C Ace
A/C A.C. 2-Litre

Austin Seven
Austin A40
Austin A30
Austin A35
Austin A35 Van 
Austin A55  
Austin A55 Van 
Austin A60 
Austin A110 Westminster 
Austin 3LTR 
Austin Alegro 
Austin Maxi 
Austin Mini 850 / 1000 
Austin Mini Cooper 
Austin Ten 
Austin Heavy 
Austin Cambridge 
Austin Mini Cooper 
Austin Moke

Alfa Romeo Spider 
Alfa Romeo GTV 6 
Alfa Romeo Veloce 
Alfa Romeo Montreal 
Alfa Romeo Giulia 
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 
Alfa Romeo Alfa Giulia Super 
Alfa Romeo GTA 
Alfa Romeo Junior


Aston Martin DB4 
Aston Martin DB5 
Aston Martin DB6 
Aston Martin DB7 
Aston Martin DB9

Audi Quattro UR 
Audi 80 
Audi 90 
Audi 100 
Audi Avant

BMW E21  3 Series 
BMW E30  3 Series 
BMW E31 3 Series  
BMW 2002 Turbo 
BMW E12  5 Series 
BMW E 25  5 Series 
BMW 3.0 CSI 
BMW 3.0 CSL 
BMW 6 Series 
BMW 7 Series 
BMW 8 Series 

Bentley S3 
Bentley MK5 
Bentley Continental, fastback coupé 
Bentley S-series 
Bentley Brooklands 
Bentley Mulsanne Turbo


Damiler Dart 
Damiler MK2 
Damiler 250 V8 
Damiler Sovereign 420 
Damiler Majestic

Fiat Saloon 128
Fiat X19
Fiat 500F
Fiat 500
Fiat Jolly
Fiat Panda 4x4

Ford Fiesta MK1XR2
Ford Fiesta MK2XR2i
Ford Fiesta MK 3 XR2i
Ford Capri MK1
Ford Capri MK2
Ford Capri MK3
Ford Capri 3.0S
Ford Capri 2.8i
Ford Capri Piranha
Ford Capri Brooklands
Ford Zodiac several variants
Ford Zephyr several variants
Ford Anglia Saloon
Ford Anglia Van
Ford Escort 1100/1300 MK1
Ford Escort 1100/1300 MK2
Ford Escort RS 2000MK2
Ford Escort Harrier MK2


Ford Escort BDA MK1
Ford Cortina MK1
Ford Cortina MK2
Ford Cortina MK3
Ford Cortina MK4
Ford Cortina MK5
Ford Cortina Lotus
Ford 100e
Ford 105e
Ford Consul
Ford Granada mk1
Ford Granada mk2
Ford Sierra XR4i
Ford Sierra Cosworth
Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth
Ford Sierra Sapphire Ghia
Ford Cortina Savage

Ferrari Pre 1990

Honda S500
Honda S600
Honda S800
Honda CRX
Honda S2000
Honda Integra Type-R

On the ferry from Jersey with a Wolseley 6110 in towOn the ferry from Jersey with a Wolseley 6110 in tow

It's not always plain sailing!It's not always plain sailing!


Jaguar C Type
Jaguar D Type
Jaguar XK120
Jagaur XK140
Jaguar XK150
Jaguar MK1
Jaguar MK2
Jaguar S Type
Jaguar Cougar kit car
Jaguar XJ-C V12
Jaguar XJ-C
Jaguar XJ6 Series 1
Jaguar XJ6 Series 2
Jaguar XJ6 Series 3
Jaguar E Type Series 1 Roadster
Jaguar E type Series 1 Coupe
Jaguar E type Series 2 Roadster
Jaguar E type Series 3 Coupe
Jaguar E type Series 3 Roadster
Jaguar XJS Facelift
Jaguar XJS Eventer
Jaguar XJS Lister
Jaguar XJS Convertible
Jaguar MK4 Saloon
Jaguar MK5 Saloon
Jaguar mk7 Saloon
Jaguar mk8 Saloon
Jaguar mk9 Saloon
Jaguar MK 10 Saloon
Jaguar 420G Saloon


Jensen Intersepter FF
Jensen Intersepter MK1
Jensen Intersepter MK2
Jensen Intersepter MK3

Land Rover 90
Land Rover 110
Land Rover Pickup
Land Rover Van
Land Rover County
Land Rover Safari
Land Rover Range rover
Land Rover Defender
Land Rover 80 inch

Lotus Cortina mk1
Lotus Cortina mk2
Lotus Elan s2
Lotus Elan s3
Lotus Elan s4
Lotus Eclat
Lotus Esprit
Lotus Elise
Lotus Lotus  6
Lotus Lotus  7

Mazda MX5
Mazda RX7
Mazda RX7 Turbo
Mazda 121
Mazda Familia Coupe
Mazda Cosmo Sports (110S)


Mercedes SL 220
Mercedes SL 240
Mercedes SL 250
Mercedes SL 280
Mercedes W111
Mercedes W123
Mercedes W113 Pagoda
Mercedes 280 SL Converible
Mercedes 220 Convertible

Maserati Mistral
Maserati Sebring
Maserati 3000GT
Maserati 3500GT

Morgan 4/4
Morgan Plus 8
Morgan AeroMax
Morgan 3 wheeler
Morgan EVA GT
Morgan Aero plus 8

MG J Type
MG MGB Roadster
MG MGC Roadster
MG Magnet ZA


MG Magnet ZB
MG Magnet MK 3
MG Magnet MK 4
MG Metro
MG MGA Coupe
MG MGA Roadster

Morris 1000
Morris Marina TC
Morris Traveller
Morris Mini
Morris Minor
Morris 1100 Saloon
Morris 1300 Saloon
Morris Mini Cooper

Nissan ZX 300
Nissan Skyline KGC10 GT-X
Nissan Skyline R32
Nissan Skyline R34
Nissan Skyline R34
Nissan Skyline GT-R
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec
Nissan Sunny GT-R
Nissan 240Z
Nissan 260Z
Nissan 280Z
Nissan Pulsa GT-R
Nissan Silvia Turbo
Nissan Figaro
Nissan Escargo

My trailer getting some exerciseMy trailer getting some exercise

The French Barn FindThe French Barn Find


Opel Manta GTE
Opel GT Classic
Opel Commodore
Opel Opel Kadett GTE 

Peugeot 405 Cabriolet
Peugeot 205 Gti 1600
Peugeot 205 Gti 1800
Peugeot 205 Gti
Peugeot 309 Gti
Peugeot 404 Gti
Peugeot 404
Peugeot 205 roland-garros

Porsche 924
Porsche 928
Porsche 911
Porsche 911 Turbo
Porsche 912

Rolls Royce Shadow 1
Rolls Royce Shadow 2
Rolls Royce corniche
Rolls Royce Park Ward
Rolls Royce corniche convertible
Rolls Royce Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I
Rolls Royce Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II
Rolls Royce Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III
Rolls Royce Phantom IV
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III 'Chinese Eye
Rolls Royce Wraith


Rover 90
Rover 100
Rover 110
Rover 3500 S
Rover P6 2000
Rover 2200 TC
Rover P5B
Rover P5 Couple
Rover SD1 2600
Rover SD1 3500
Rover SD1 Vitesse

Saab 99

Reliant Scimitar GT SE4
Reliant Scimitar GTE (SE5A)
Reliant Scimitar GTE SE6
Reliant Scimitar GTC SE8 

Sunbeam Tiger
Sunbeam Alpine
Sunbeam Rapier
Sunbeam Talbot

Subaru Impreza WRX
Subaru Impreza WRX Sti
Subaru Impreza Type-R
Subaru Impreza P1
Subaru 22B


Triumph TR2
Triumph TR3
Triumph TR4 
Triumph TR4A
Triumph TR5
Triumph TR250
Triumph TR6
Triumph TR7
Triumph 2000 Saloon
Triumph 2500 Pi Saloon
Triumph Stag
Triumph GT6 Mk1
Triumph GT6 Mk2
Triumph GT6 Mk3
Triumph Spitfire
Triumph Dolomite sprint

Vauxhall Viva HA
Vauxhall Viva HB
Vauxhall Viva HC
Vauxhall Firenza
Vauxhall Chevette HSR
Vauxhall Cavalier SRI
Vauxhall Astra GTE
Vauxhall Nova GTE
Vauxhall Victor
Vauxhall Ventora
Vauxhall Velox
Vauxhall VX4/90
Vauxhall Commodore
Vauxhall Viscount


Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Golf Gti MK1
Volkswagen Golf Gti MK2
Volkswagen Golf Gti MK3
Volkswagen Golf Gti MK4
Volkswagen Golf Gti MK5
Volkswagen Beatle
Volkswagen Camper van
Volkswagen Crew bus
Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback
Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback
Volkswagen Type 3 Notchback

Volvo P1800
Volvo P1800 ES
Volvo Amazon
Volvo P1200
Volvo 122S
Volvo 244
Volvo 164
Volvo 264
Volvo 242
Volvo P130 AMAZON

Wolseley 1300
Wolseley 6110
Wolseley 4/44
Wolseley Hornet
Wolseley 6/99

You find motorbikes in barns too!You find motorbikes in barns too!

The finished articlesThe finished articles

Japanese Bikes

Honda CB 500 four
Honda CB 750 four
Honda CB 250
Honda SS 50
Honda CB 175

Kawasaki KH 250
Kawasaki KH 400
Kawasaki KH 750
Kawasaki Z900
Kawasaki Z1

Suzuki GT 250
Suzuki GT 750
Suzuki AP 50

Yamaha FS1E
Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD400

If you have one of these cars, or one that you think I may be interested and are thinking of selling it or know of one that is available, please fill in the details below and I will get back to you.

Car Details